Very Busy? 10 Things Personal Assistant Apps Can Do For You

Are you always running out of time? Too busy to finish things up? Missing a lot of activities? Well, you need to hire a personal assistant to help you carry out tasks.

We know it costs money. But what we actually mean is to install or purchase personal assistant software and applications that will do the work for you. Some of them are even free!

Personal Assistant Apps are the new trend today. They help us in our productivity – personal or business matters. Some of them are integrated with voice-recognition interface that follows your verbal instructions. Smart!

Here are the 10 things personal assistant apps can do for you.

p1 - Very Busy? 10 Things Personal Assistant Apps Can Do For You

Sets Reminders

Setting up reminders is the most common feature of personal assistant apps. Basically, they remind you about your son’s birthdays; your daughter’s graduation; your wedding anniversary; your meeting with the clients; or the awarding ceremony that you are going to attend.

Plans Calendar

Apart from reminders, they also set appointments or to-do lists that could be synchronized on Google Calendar with your friends or colleagues in work. These smart apps can set an appointment with your dentist, your supervisor or your friend.

Sends Messages

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to send very important messages or emails. These personal assistant apps can perform communication tasks for you. They can send SMS, and emails, call, tweet or post on your Facebook.

Pay Bills

Personal Assistant apps can also pay your bills. You just have to allow it access with your bank and various payment outlets. No need to wait in long queues for paying bills.

p3 - Very Busy? 10 Things Personal Assistant Apps Can Do For You

Searches Results

Just tell them to search about anything and we can guarantee you that they will provide the best results. Some smart apps can also read, so you might as well make them do the reading.

Health Buddy

This is also a popular feature in most personal assistant apps in which they will help you with your fitness goals. They can track your weight loss progress, analyze your BMI, record your calorie intake, monitor your heart beat and anything related to fitness.

Analyzes Data

As smartphones are becoming more intelligent, applications are now capable of doing the math and science. Some personal assistant apps can carry out tasks that involve analysis and evaluation of data, especially for those who are doing quantitative research.

Updates About The Latest

Tell your personal assistant app to update you about the NBA playoffs, Super Bowl, the US elections, your favorite pop star’s album release or anything you just want to get updated. Your personal assistant apps won’t let you miss the latest.

p2 - Very Busy? 10 Things Personal Assistant Apps Can Do For You

Personal Companion

Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant can decode voice queries. Siri is capable of communicating with users. Like Siri, some personal assistant apps are also created with voice-recognition interface that allows them to talk with you, like a personal companion. Ask them to tell you a joke!

Performs Common Tasks

Personal Assistant apps can also perform other common tasks. They can book a cab, plane ticket or even shop groceries for you.

Personal Assistant apps truly help you become productive. Through this smart innovation, you can be able to focus your attention onto one errand while letting the PA app do the other things. Just make sure to choose the right app for you.

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