How To Nail These 6 Most Common Sales Job Interview Questions

The interview is your final ticket to employment. You got to make a great first impression and convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job.

The whole process of the interview is really hard. Despite your confidence and your work experience, it is still nerve-wracking to provide the best answers to their interview questions.

Here are 6 most common sales job interview questions and how to nail them.

“Tell me about yourself.”

Most interviewers ask this question first. It sounds so very simple, but it can be very hard to answer for some applications. You may worry about where to start. Instead of providing a chronological history of your education and work experiences, tell them about your qualities, your strengths, and weaknesses. Focus on your skills!

int2 - How To Nail These 6 Most Common Sales Job Interview Questions

“What do you know about our company?”

Before the schedule of your interview, make sure that you are well-knowledgeable about the history and background of the company you are applying to. Check out their corporate website and know about their history, products and services, their team of executives, awards and achievements, and others. This will measure your level of interest to their company.

“Why do you want to work in sales?”

The winning answer for this is “passion”. Think about when sales was first introduced to you and how you fell in love with it. Go back to your work history and talk about your experiences. Share your success stories working in sales. Convince the interviewer that you want to work because you have the SKILLS!

“How do you generate sales?”

This will never remain unquestioned. The interviewer wants to know your level of knowledge in the sales procedures. Talk about how you execute your sales role from start to finish. Share them the strategies and techniques you developed along the way – preparation, targeting, solving problems and discovering needs, among others.

“What is your motivation to sell?”

Of course, we have different answers for this question. But don’t settle for answers like “family”, “loved ones” and “dreams”. Also, avoid saying that you want to gain experience and learn new skills. Be more specific and convince them that you are ready. This personal question will delve into your personality as an employee. Lastly, consider in your motivation the growth and the success of the company.

int1 - How To Nail These 6 Most Common Sales Job Interview Questions

“What is your greatest sales achievement, and failure so far?”

Your greatest achievement is your opportunity to make a big impression. But do not be forced to make up stories to impress. Be sure that your greatest achievement is backed by facts. Talk about your most significant sales achievement and discuss the procedures you took to obtain success. Show them receipts – statistics or even awards.

With regards to the failure, be open about how you ended up with the circumstance. Make them realize that you have found the loopholes which caused the failure, and what are things that you could have done to prevent the failure.

These are just six of the many mind-boggling and heart-thumping interview questions. Just put in your mind that you have to be honest with your answers and be true to yourself.


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