10 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Employees And Be Productive

It’s 2018. A new year for your company. More opportunities and more challenges to face. Another year to deal with clients and grow income. And another year for employees to serve your company.

Aside from there is a need to boost your business, you should always think about your employees, your assets who worked behind the success of your company. Without motivation, they will turn unproductive, especially if they are doing their work repetitively. It’s exhausting and stressful.

Treat your employees with some motivation. Here are the 10 most effective ways to motivate your employees.

Provide Incentives

Everybody loves to hear the word “incentive”. It means added value for them. Offer incentives like gift cards, a ticket to movies, lunch treat, extra paid day off or other means to show your appreciation for their quality work. This will increase the amount of productivity among employees.

Offer Opportunities For Advancement

Employees will get motivated if they are aware that their efforts and hardships are heading them to a certain advancement. Motivate them by offering job promotions. Make them believe that when they work harder and smarter, they will earn one step in the ladder.

incentive - 10 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Employees And Be Productive

Recognize Milestones Achieved

Acknowledge your employees who unlocked milestones of achievement. During your corporate meeting, announce about the accomplishment. Make him or her share about the strategies taken to meet goals. This can be your special way of saying “Thank you!”

Be More Personal

Treat your employees as family. Know about their background, their families, and their career goals. This will provide you a better understanding of the motivation and the needs of your employees. Show to them that you truly care. Talk to them often.

Set Goals

Set goals for individuals and teams. It could be daily or weekly. In setting goals, make sure that they are achievable. Do not set goals that will lead employees to cram, which will result in poor outputs.

Conduct Empowering Activities

Offer activities that improve their skills more. Do team-building activities and skills training. But the better idea is to conduct an awards show which showcases the stories of achievements of your employees. Empowering!

Promote Work-Life Balance

As a leader, promote a balance between work and life to your employees. It’s not all about the work, work, and work. You should encourage them to take a rest during weekends, spend time with family during vacation, or go for a night-out after shift.

Encourage Camaraderie

Teach your employees the value of teamwork. While it is important that employees excel individually, they should also know how to cooperate with each other in solving problems and achieving goals.

Some employees compete with others because of incentives and career advancement. Make them lose that culture.

Let Them Believe You Believe In Them

Part of being more personal is trusting them that they can do it. Make them believe that you believe in their skills and capacity to finish tasks and exceed expectations. This will motivate them to work harder so as not to break your trust to them.


We are all humans. We have emotions and we are sensitive to certain things. Just always remember the value of respect. No screaming at others faults, no yelling, no blaming. Just respect.

What among these motivation-boosters have you been doing already?

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