Stop These Bad Habits That Make You Unproductive!

Time is so precious. We have to be efficient and productive in accomplishing our daily tasks. It is very easy if we only set our goals. However, there are various factors that affect our productivity. They hinder us to finish our work and achieve our goals on time.

Here are the 7 bad habits that kill productivity.


To be productive, you should focus on one thing. However, multitasking divides your attention. This only means that you are accomplishing numerous tasks at the same which is very impossible. According to Business Insider, only 2% of the world population are capable of multitasking.

The risks of doing multitasking include poor outputs and lots of failures.

s1 - Stop These Bad Habits That Make You Unproductive!

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is very important at it restores normal body functioning. Without proper sleep, your body will not be productive. According to Harvard’s Healthy Sleep study, lack of sleep can affect mood and judgment, “ability to learn and retain information.”

Your mind needs recovery to work productively. The best solution is to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.


Procrastination is the mortal sin of productivity. According to Psychology Today, it is a kind of thinking in which an individual resists doing chronic difficult tasks and “deliberately look for distractions.” These distractions include impulsive web browsing and eating junk foods.

Procrastinators always want to the do the work later or tomorrow, until they panic and produce very poor outputs.

Too Much Use Of Smartphones

When notifications pop, we immediately check our smartphones. Once we touched our phones, we fall completely in its spell. We cannot control ourselves from checking emails, scrolling social media accounts, chatting with friends and watching YouTube.

Stay away from Smartphones, especially if it is not needed for your work. They distract you and prevent you from being productive.

Snubbing Your Alarm

Guilty? This is a seriously bad habit that most people possess. Setting an alarm means setting an exact time for you to wake up, not an exact time to hit the “snooze” button.

By hitting the snooze button, you are delaying time. This is considered as procrastination or laziness.

As much as possible, jump out of your bed when your phone or clock alarms. Do this until you get used to.

s2 - Stop These Bad Habits That Make You Unproductive!

Saving The Hardest For Last

It is a common misconception among individuals that they can save more time if they start working on the easy ones and reserve the hardest to the end of the day. According to self-control researcher Roy Baumeister, “the longer people have been awake, the more self-control problems happen.” Therefore, your brain works more actively during the mornings, perfect in accomplishing harder tasks.

No Structured Routine

You can be productive by following a work routine every day. Without a proper schedule, your mind is filled with unorganized thoughts. It is not healthy if you depend on your mood or the environment. Be in control of your productivity. Do things in order, again and again.

What do you think are the other bad habits that kill your productivity?

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