Stop Procrastinating! Follow These 7 Simple Steps

Stop procrastinating. Get up and don’t waste time. Procrastination is the leading factor that ruins productivity. It will lead you to failure, stress and poor outputs.

Procrastinators are easily distracted until their work gets piled up to the last two hours of their shift.

Let us be productive! Here are 7 simple steps to overcome procrastination.

Set A Schedule

Get a calendar or a sheet a paper and draft your detailed timeline with specific deadlines. Make sure that you know the things that you should accomplish for the day.

Organize the tasks in order together with the desired time they should be completed.

Prioritize Tasks

Divide your tasks into parts – the easy, the average and the tough ones. According to self-control researcher Roy Baumeister, our brains work more actively during the morning. It is advisable to prioritize the difficult tasks on the first hours of our shift so that our brains are still fully capable of understanding.

Change Your Environment

The leading cause of procrastination is your workplace, too. Surround your desk and room with productive vibes. Keep away from food, gadgets, pillows and bed and anything that will distract you from doing your work.

The only thing you need is your timeline, your desktop, and other work-related stuff.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications steal your attention. Whenever there are pop-ups, we immediately get our phones to check what’s happening on our social media and emails.

Turn your notifications off! Or more like, keep your smartphones away. Smartphones cast spell on you that you can’t resist scrolling and updating everything.

Achieve A Work Routine

Do not perform your work differently every other day. It confuses you how to start your day and how to do the tasks. By achieving a routine, your body gets used to the work, making you more productive.

Maintain A Proper Posture

Poor posture tires your bones and muscles. This will make you feel sleepy or tempt you to get some rest. We understand you need a break, however, poor posture will steal your productivity because it hinders you to continue your tasks.

Further, proper posture promotes the generation of better ideas and increases the flow of energy. So, will you still slouch?

pro - Stop Procrastinating! Follow These 7 Simple Steps

Have A Companion

Have a companion, not for your latest gossips, but be with someone that will work with you and will encourage you to become productive. Having a friend prevents you from losing your cool due to being alone with no one to talk about the tasks. Just make sure that they have goals like you!

What causes your procrastination? Share with us.

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