How To Stay Completely Focused On Computer Works?

One of the hardest things to do is to maintain focus, especially at work whether you work in finance or for a stainless steel banding company It can be a challenge to keep focused while working at your computer all day. You see a butterfly, you get distracted. Marvel releases new trailer, you get excited. A mosquito bites your leg, you get irritated.

We are all easily distracted individuals.

In this fully-automated world, we use computers to be productive. However, there are a lot of factors that make us lose our focus in accomplishing our tasks. Especially if the computer is connected to the Internet, you have all the more reasons to waste time.

Now, let us help you how to stay focused on computer works.

Organize Your Tasks

Before starting your computer works, organize your tasks. Make sure that you have the list of the things that you should accomplish in your computer.

Data entry, accounting, bookkeeping, research, and database management, among others.

Rank them from the top to least priority. By doing this, you will know where to start and where your work is heading to.

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Open Only Relevant Tabs In Your Browser

We know you need to open a browser to surf the web. We understand. However, make sure that you open relevant sites only.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and casino sites – close these tabs (unless you are working on a social media marketing firm, etc.)

Opening many tabs will distract you from doing the real purpose why you opened the browser.

Use Productivity Tools

We are not talking about Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or any software and application that help you with your jobs.

We are actually referring to productivity tools that block out time waster sites at any time of the day.

Browsers allow us to use third party plug-ins. For Chrome users, install StayFocused, while for Firefox users, use LeechBlock.

Set Deadlines

The longer the deadline of the task, the idler we become. You can try setting a time deadline for every task you have. Let’s say you have to finish encoding data within two hours, so you can proceed to database management, which you should finish within at most two hours.

By setting deadline, you can focus on your current task and can provide ample time for other tasks.

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Turn Off Notifications, Especially Visual Alerts

What do you do when you see or hear notifications?

Of course, you’ll stop from doing anything and check it.

Notifications, including instant messages, break your focus. If we lose focus, it will take time for us to gather our thoughts and remember where we ended with our task.

Further, according to Helen Hodgetts of the University of Cardiff in the UK, a visual alert is the most distractive form of notification. Why? Visual alerts completely steal your focus, compared to auditory stimuli which tend “to be processed relatively automatically” by a person, without any significant change in our focus.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Lastly, we should keep our goals in mind. Our goals will motivate us to continue working until we meet our objectives. Without a goal, we will not know our direction.

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