How To Find The Right Domain For Your Business

When you are starting out on a new venture online and are looking to set up a website, one of the biggest decisions you make is one that will follow you around for a long time and that is the finding and choosing the name of your website.  It is possible that you will already have some ideas in your head, but there are some important things you should keep in mind when it comes to actually registering a domain name.

According to Serpchampion who have had a lot of affiliate website success, a domain name is so important because of the incredible impact they have across the web and even when it comes to offline forms of marketing.  Therefore, it is crucial that you follow the tips below to find the right domain for your business.

Make Sure It Sounds Like A Brand

What we mean by this is, the moment a potential client or customer hears or sees your domain name, they think it sounds like a brand.  As opposed to a website they are not interested in.  This is why, generally speaking, numbers, hyphens and other symbols are problematic.  Simply because they sound more generic or odd, rather than like memorable brands.

Make Sure It Is Pronounceable

It might strike you as odd that with something that people will predominately be typing into their computers or clicking a link, we are suggesting it should be pronounceable.  The reason why it is crucial though involves what is known as processing fluency.  This is a human cognitive bias where we remember more easily things we can easily think about and say.  This means pronounce-ability in our own minds.

While this will vary from region to region and language to language; the basic ruling is that if the name can’t be said easily, it will be less brand-able, memorable and you will lose processing fluency.

Shorter Is Better

The next tip follows on nicely from the above and is involves keeping your domain name as short as possible.  It makes complete sense that the two go hand in hand.  The smaller a domain name is, the fewer characters it is made up of, the easier it will be to say, type and share and the less likely it is that it will be shortened in search results and on social media sites.

Make Sure It Is .Com

Well, make sure it is .com or the appropriate TLD for the location of your target audience and market.  Although it may seem silly that this far down the line we are still putting a lot of importance on .coms.  The reason is that it is still the most accessible and widely recognised TLD in the world.  There are many people still out there who are completely new to the internet and know that .coms exist and therefore trust them more.

Stay Away From Trademark and Copyright Infringement

The thing you need to bear in mind when you are trying to create a domain name that avoids any trademark or copyright issues is not that you consider your domain name to be similar to another; it is whether a judge might think so.  Further to this, even without any legal issues coming up, it can create brand confusion that will affect the brand-ability of your domain name and business.

Consider Existing Domains That Have Expired

One easy way to find a great domain that is good for your business is looking for existing domain names on domain auctions and taking over the ownership.  As well as cutting out much of the time-consuming brainstorming and other parts of the research and creation process; it could have additional benefits.  If in its former existence, if a domain name was particularly successful, and acquired powerful links over the years then this will save you a lot more time, compared to having to build links from scratch to improve your new websites rankings. 

Make It Unique

It is important to ensure that your domain name is unique as it can be.  Remember, your domain name may be the very first thing potential customers and clients see and hear in relation to your brand and business.  Therefore, you want to make sure it stands out from the sea of competitors operating in your niche.

Think about what makes your own brand different from the competition and use that to ensure that your domain is the first people click on or type into their computer. 

Make It Easy To Type

This has already been covered in terms of making your domain name pronounceable, but it bears repeating.  Simply put, if the domain name for your business is tricky or confusing and hard to type, people will give up typing it or looking for it.  The easier it is to type, the more likely people will want to type it.

Use Keywords

Domain names with keywords will not only help with the cognitive fluency bias we mentioned early but also with SEO too.  Although Google has been moving away from showing bias towards domains with partial and exact keyword matches, the anchor text you get from your domain name could help.  If it is possible to place a keyword in your domain that makes it completely clear what you and your site are all about, definitely do it.  However, keyword targeted or keyword rich domains are just not as successful as they used to be and often have negative associations with both search engines and users.

You Can Modify And Append It

If you discover that the domain name you are looking for is not available, it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon ship and completely change the name.  You can simply add a prefix or suffix to it, or find a different TLD extension.  It is definitely a good idea to be a little creative when it comes to your brand online if you need to.

For instance, if your brand name is SweetSweaters, but you discover that is already taken, you can try and alter it slightly. would be a perfectly sound option, as would and

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