How Social Media Benefits Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two online marketing channels that are closely linked together, with regards to both their aims and strategic approach. Both of these online marketing channels help drive traffic to a company’s site. Effective execution of both is crucial to establishing a strong online brand presence for your company.

We recently had a chat with a a leading Glasgow SEO company all agree that a brand’s presence on social media can greatly help with where the company ranks on search.

Let’s look at the different ways in how you can use your social media channels to benefit your SEO strategy.

Brands with a higher number of social media followers will rank higher in search

To put it simply, a company which has a higher number of likes, followers, and subscribers across its social media channels is much more likely to be ranked higher in search due to their content being seen by more people, which could in turn lead to more links pointing to the piece of content that is shared.The best way to try and gain more followers is to create great social content on a consistent basis and adopt other methods to increase engagement and try to grow organically.

Make sure the frequency of content posted is regular to avoid losing followers and reach. You should also ensure that you’re engaging with your followers on a regular basis. If you’re able to deal with their queries and issues, you will start to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Social media encourages external inbound links to your content

Another way in which social media can be a beneficial tool within your SEO strategy is that it provides another online channel for external sites to link to your content. The more inbound links you have, the more you are established as an authority site in the eyes of search engines like Google.

According to many  SEO experts, authority sites are ranked much higher on search than those without many external links. To help ensure that you’re getting linked, the content you create needs to be high-quality and authoritative.

Use the correct hashtags and introduce your content into relevant spaces to gain more visibility.

Many users turn to social media channels as search engines in themselves

Nowadays, online users aren’t just using traditional search engines such as Google to search for stuff – they also turn to social media channels. Search engine optimization, therefore, needs to be conducted on social media channels as well. For instance, if your company is active on Twitter, ensure that your content is properly hashtagged to come up in search. If your brand is more visual, use hashtags and the relevant pin categories on Pinterest and Instagram to make it easier for users to reach you.

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase awareness in the local community

For those brands who are looking to rank higher for local searches, social media is the perfect way to help do so. You should engage with local events as much as possible. If your company attends any events in the local area, share pictures and create a post that encourages those in the community to engage and follow you. This will help make your company much more visible in local search.

Also, try to engage with other local businesses on social media. This will be beneficial to both brands in increasing visibility on local search.

Social posts with a higher level of engagement will contribute to the authority of your brand

Again, your SEO strategy should include the creation of powerful content on social. The more shares that your posts receive, the more that search engines such as Google will recognise your brand as an authoritative and useful source of content to direct users to.

Not only shares, but likes, favourites, retweets, and comments will help build the level of authority. Incentivise engagement by including a clear call to action or a question in your post. You can also try offering a reward for those who engage with your post.

Use your social media analytics to learn more about your target audience, and use these insights to help develop your SEO content

Social media analytics can be massively useful in learning more about your audience. For instance, if we turn to the example of Facebook Insights, you can gain a lot of valuable insight into your audience within the Followers and Visitors section. Within this section, you will be able to view demographic details, such as industry, function, and learn about your audience’s professional background.

These pieces of insight can, and should, be used to inform the basis of your future content to drive better results for search.

Within your social media analytics, you will also be able to see which posts your followers have engaged most with. You can use this information to help focus on what kind of blog content your audience wants to see on your company’s site. Focusing purely on content that is really relevant and interesting to your audience is the best way to increase your site’s ranking.

Ultimately, having a great social media presence with a regular frequency of content and good levels of engagement will only serve to increase your brand awareness and in turn benefit your SEO. The more people that know about your brand, the more it’ll be searched for on Google. It all boils down to developing authoritative and high-quality content that encourages engagement and sharing.


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