Exploring the culture of SEO in the Online Gambling Industry.

The online gambling industry accounts for just under £5 billion of UK spending, enjoying a growth period in recent years that has reduced the stigma and opened up the market to new demographics who are ready to lap up the industry.

The majority of online gaming comes through slot games, instants and table game classics like poker, blackjack and most likely always will. The gambling industry and many internet based industries often lend themselves well to SEO based strategies.

The question remains how do you challenge the big casino names while possessing a lower budget. The likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Sky Vegas possess authority that stabilises themselves at the top of the charts like immovable rocks.

The importance of SEO

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation is the skill of putting your business at the front of the internet shop window. When many people go online they either have their favourite games that they will organically search for, or they will search for generic terms, such as ‘slots’ and pick from the first options that arises. Essentially, it’s better to be at the front of the shop window than nestled in the back.

For small businesses with smaller budgets it’s often difficult to spend money on something that doesn’t necessarily look tangible in the first instance. A negative digital strategy could be extremely detrimental to your business if done incorrectly but if successful could generate huge amounts of profits that wouldn’t normally be generated through means away from the internet.

Online gambling is at the mercy of the algorithms to get their page some top rankings, but SEO strategy is compiled of many nuanced patters and methods. It involves content marketing and generation, internal linking and a calculated strategy of outreach that directs domain authority and traffic through to your site.

The reason you will never be able to compete with the big guns of Sky and the like is because there authority already exists, smaller names in the gambling industry must rely on more of a snowball effect to rise to the top.

Scott Manford of WizardSlots.com said: “As a fairly new name in the industry it’s important to implement a solid digital strategy while not sacrificing the quality and quantity of you content, links and brand identity” “We’ve taken time to look into and employ a strict level of data and demographic analysis with our customers meaning that we constantly understand the types of content that our customers read and enjoy. Furthermore, we are constantly adding content and keeping things fresh and versatile. I

n the eyes of google this is paramount.” “Yes, there are short-term stop gaps that can help in the meantime like PPC and mass link-building but it’s better to create a ship with a solid structure from the start and gain the respect of google than throw mud at the wall and hope something sticks.” In respect of this here’s two SEO and customer tips to keep you shooting up those Google rankings.

Know your audience and hone your content

It’s pointless writing reams and reams of content if there’s nobody to see it. Do your research and find out what people and google likes and point your linking in the correct direction. A good content strategy involves writing unique content that’s fresh and interesting. Nobody wants to read keyword heavy manufactured text.

Create original and realistic industry outreach links

If your outreach links are leading to the wrong places then what’s the point.  Attempt to find links and original links that are relatable to your industry, or find the angle that matches your intent. Some links from external sources are good to create some attraction but you never know which one might deliver that authority that gives you the golden ticket.


SEO and the gambling industry go hand in hand and the further you work your way up the rankings the more money you will make. Achieving high rankings in the gambling industry is a subtle niche that is often hard to find but with trial and error, perseverance, and an expert knowledge of your industry it can be cracked.

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