Creating Your First Business Plan

Creating Your First Business Plan If you have a great business idea, then it makes sense that you're keen to move forwards. However, this can mean that we’re running before we can walk, which means that the business could come up against some obstacles with no contingency plan in place.

How To Protect Your Business From Online Hackers

Hacking might not be the wide spread epidemic that the media sometimes reports it as, but it's not all hyperbole either. However according to VectorCloud one of the leading IT Support companies with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The risk of hacking is very real and a number of big

Stress And Its Harmful Effects To Your Work Performance

Approximately, there are more than 3.5 billion people working in the world. Employment is necessary to practice skills, but most especially to earn money for our needs. We need to be physically and mentally healthy to survive work. However, the workplace can be a source of stress – demanding boss,

Know About These 10 Most Common Types of Business Letters

Writing a letter is the most professional form of communication. In the “business world”, letters remain to be the most widely used, despite the onset of technology which paves way for different medium and platforms of communication. Through business letters, they can be able to formally convey their messages to

Walt Goodridge: The Story of Passion And Profit

Walt Goodridge is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world with a very inspiring story. But the road to his success has never been easy. He has encountered a lot of obstacles and diversions along the road. But with his persistence and dedication, he has reached his destiny. Let us

How To Stay Completely Focused On Computer Works?

One of the hardest things to do is to maintain focus, especially at work whether you work in finance or for a stainless steel banding company It can be a challenge to keep focused while working at your computer all day. You see a butterfly, you get distracted. Marvel releases new