Stop Procrastinating! Follow These 7 Simple Steps

Stop procrastinating. Get up and don’t waste time. Procrastination is the leading factor that ruins productivity. It will lead you to failure, stress and poor outputs. Procrastinators are easily distracted until their work gets piled up to the last two hours of their shift. Let us be productive! Here are 7 simple

Quadcopter vs Helicopter: Which is Best?

We’re probably al lfmaialir with the array of drones on the market, but many are still geared towards more conventional radio-controlled toys, such as a helicopter. While both quadcopters and helicopter share several charachteristics, there are also many differences. If you’re unsure of whether you should invest in an RC

10 Most Effective Ways To Motivate Employees And Be Productive

It’s 2018. A new year for your company. More opportunities and more challenges to face. Another year to deal with clients and grow income. And another year for employees to serve your company. Aside from there is a need to boost your business, you should always think about your employees, your

Why Your Brand Identity is Key to Success

When a business enters the fold, it’s normal for it to be faced against some tough competition. While such competition is healthy, we shouldn’t look to pale in comparison. If you were to search for similar businesses in your niche, then you will probably find that you’re facing many competitors. While

Grow Your Business Now With These 6 Simple Steps

It takes a lot of courage, time and of course, money to start a business. You may be battled with various circumstances along the way – loss of income, negative feedback from customers and many others. You just have to explore techniques and strategies in order to stay strong in

How To Find The Right Domain For Your Business

When you are starting out on a new venture online and are looking to set up a website, one of the biggest decisions you make is one that will follow you around for a long time and that is the finding and choosing the name of your website.  It is

10 Awesome Websites From Food & Drink Brands

All kinds of businesses have websites, but few can rival the creativity and diversity of food and drinks brands. A love of food and drink is one of the few things I can confidentially say everyone one Earth as in common because there’s such a rich variety isn’t there? This

How to use branded video to hack your customer’s brain

Has video massively increased your customer conversion rates? If the answer’s no, it’s because you’re not using it properly. That might sound overly bold, but instead of thinking about us as pointing out errors - consider it a message wrapped up in a love for converting customers, maximising your productivity and fortifying

Stop These Bad Habits That Make You Unproductive!

Time is so precious. We have to be efficient and productive in accomplishing our daily tasks. It is very easy if we only set our goals. However, there are various factors that affect our productivity. They hinder us to finish our work and achieve our goals on time. Here are the

Why So Many Fail at Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money online, one of the most popular avenues is affiliate marketing, whether you have created a blog focusing on providing the best electric bike reviews, or simply sending people to a voucher site. With so much opportunity available, it’s not unusual to see many people

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs Launching a Startup

Do you ever look back on childhood and wish you’d listened a little more to the advice you got from parents, loved ones or teachers? It’s easy to pick out the hard-learned lessons in retrospect – but as human beings there’s often no telling us at the time. With that in

How to ensure your small business grows in 2018

If you’re a small business owner, decision maker or manager – then there’s little question about whether or not you’d like to see your business grow. As 2018 approaches, so do new and developing areas for your business to expand into. Sure, there are universal fundamental truths about how to grow

How To Nail These 6 Most Common Sales Job Interview Questions

The interview is your final ticket to employment. You got to make a great first impression and convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job. The whole process of the interview is really hard. Despite your confidence and your work experience, it is still nerve-wracking to provide

How Social Media Benefits Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two online marketing channels that are closely linked together, with regards to both their aims and strategic approach. Both of these online marketing channels help drive traffic to a company’s site. Effective execution of both is crucial to establishing a strong online

How do you finance your small business idea?

Welcome to the difficulty faced by every business owner since Hargem the Haircutter sharpened the first set of rocks and tried to convince someone to help him open a barber shop — so that all the long haired men could have their locks shorn. Financing of a small business idea is

The Growth of VR & AR In Today’s World

VR and AR reality have certainly had a rocky journey so far, one of the first big names you likely heard heavily associated with these technologies was most likely Google. The Google Glass was heavily rumoured for a long time and while it was announced in 2012 it didn't ever

10 steps to an awesome email marketing campaign

  You might have the greatest designs and the most brilliant products and services in the world – but without the means to show them to people you’re running on hope – and hope doesn’t put cash in the bank. People have a tendency to think that having a website is all

Funding your startup – a guide to winning investment

There are lots of articles and pieces of information online about the different routes you can take to find investment – and this is great, it’s important to understand all your options. What’s harder to find is information on how to win that investment when you’re face-to-face with the investor. You

Supercharge Your Site Speed and Boost Your Online Business

Users want immediate access to content, while the seven second attention span of the average person ensures that the focus of your browser will wane quickly. A poor page load time is as bad, if not worse, than outright poor design. No longer can one go without optimizing every aspect of website