Walt Goodridge: The Story of Passion And Profit

Walt Goodridge is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world with a very inspiring story. But the road to his success has never been easy. He has encountered a lot of obstacles and diversions along the road. But with his persistence and dedication, he has reached his destiny.

Let us know who Walt Goodridge is.

Who is Walt?

Walt F. J. Goodridge was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies. His family moved to New York where he graduated high school. He finished college from Columbia University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering degree.

After graduation, he accepted a job in the Design Division of the Port Authority Engineering Department on the 73rd floor of World Trade Center One. According to him, from the moment he started working, he knew that he did not like the job. He was tired of the routine of working and receiving a paycheck. There has to be more to life, he said.

He tried venturing out as a radio disc jockey and artist manager, while working as a civil engineer. He even had his own record company. But still, everything did not work.

So one day, he decided to quit.

The Passion Prophet

He started sharing his experiences through books. Through his works, he wanted to share his beliefs in order to help other people grow. There, he gained the title “The Passion Prophet”.

In 1997, Internet was introduced to him. He discovered that through the Internet, more and more people will know his teachings about life. He put up websites that became very successful. He also continued writing a lot of books.

What are his works?

His first every single book was Change The Game. After its success, he became a full-time “passionpreneur”, a term he coined which refers to turning your passion into an inspiration to others in venturing the business world. In 1999, he published his most famous work Turn Your Passion Into Profit.

Now, he as more than 25 books published. He also contributed to various magazines and publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal Online, Time Magazine, Black Enterprise, Essence, and Billboard Magazine, among others.

What does he do now?

Now, he continues his “nomadpreneur” life. As “The Passion Prophet”, he has been conducting numerous coaching sessions to individuals and companies. He specializes in product and idea evaluation, marketing and business, among others.

He also co-founded Destination Saipan Marketing, Inc., a tourism company that helps visitors to experience the best of Saipan’s destinations, accommodations, and activities.

He also travels the world, continuing his mission to share his experiences and help individuals escape from the normal and find their passion.

He continues writing books and other publications. He also manages various websites about his programs. Currently, he is promoting his new book The Integrated Life which is “a blueprint for balancing passion with career, diet with health and sexuality with relationship.

For him, life is about 4 F’s. Freedom to live on our own terms; fulfilling our Function or purpose in life; maintaining Fitness and health; and have Fun while living life.

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