Know About These 10 Most Common Types of Business Letters

Writing a letter is the most professional form of communication. In the “business world”, letters remain to be the most widely used, despite the onset of technology which paves way for different medium and platforms of communication. Through business letters, they can be able to formally convey their messages to their consumers or other businesses.

In writing a business letter, you should know its function and purpose. Letters vary from each other – in format and in content. Here are the 10 types of business letters.

Acknowledgment Letter

Acknowledgement letters are also referred to as letters of receipt. They are used to confirm action taken. Businesses send acknowledgment letters to let a person or a group know that they have received prior communication or information.

Adjustment Letter

Adjustment letters serve as a reply to the buyer’s complaint or claim. If the seller or transportation authority writes a letter in response to the complaint letter of the buyer, it is called an adjustment letter. This letter informs customers whether their claim or complaint is accepted or rejected.

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Cover Letter

In business, cover letters usually accompany a package, a merchandise or a report. They are used to explain or describe the content of the package, the reason for delivery and any action the recipient may take. This type of letter is generally short and straight to the point.

Complaint Letter

Letters of complaint are generally written to air a bad experience with a product, service or business. In writing complaints, be direct but tactful. Also, provide necessary information to support your claims.

Follow-Up Letter

Follow-up letters are sent to ask about the status of your previous inquiry or request. It follows initial communication letters. This type of letter can also be used as a response, for example, thanking a customer for an order or a business for a good service. Follow-up letters can be a combination of the sales letter and a thank-you note.

Inquiry Letter

If you want to know information about products, services or business, write an inquiry letter. In writing inquiry letters, keep it clear and short. Also, list all the necessary information needed, including your contact information.

Order Letter

Order letters are written by consumers to order goods or services from businesses, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers or distributors. This letter has to contain specific information including the description of the product, quantity, desired model, stock number and expected price, among others.

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Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letters are usually written to recommend a job applicant or an employee before they hire or promote them, respectively. This type of letter usually comes from previous employers or professors, and supervisors or colleagues.

Resignation Letter

Resignation letters are written by an employee who intends to leave his job. This letter will inform the immediate manager about his or her reason of resignation and last day of service.

Sales Letter

The primary goal of this letter is to make a sale. It contains strong calls to action, details of the product, service or company, benefits, as well as necessary information including email, contact number, and website link.

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