6 Ways Online Videos Can Increase Customer Conversion Rates

In the overcrowded virtual landscape of content, videos are an effective methodology that help marketers break through the clutter and engage with consumers. Customer behaviour and psyche has evolved with the advent of information technology that has also transformed the way businesses conduct their operations. Before the digital age, sales people would make cold calls and make pitches about the benefits of their brand. Would you like to receive such a call now? We don’t think so.

A study performed by Sirius Decisions discovered that clients cover approximately seventy percent of their decision-making process by the time they are willing to have a chat with a sales representative. Brand managers may wonder what the client is doing in that time frame. Google/Compete did a survey and found that prospects are busy online and doing their homework about the product in question. They also visit company websites to understand their policies and values better as well. This reflects the importance of the position your website holds as a marketing instrument. CISCO stated that videos made up half of global mobile traffic and is growing as a popular medium.

  1. Use the Storytelling Approach

As humans, we crave and appreciate stories. And there is no stronger way to create an emotional connect with your prospect or customer than by telling a story. Videos are a great visual tool through which you can share compelling, powerful stories that capture your consumer’s attention. Producing an educational video that highlights the advantages of your product can increase conversions by twenty percent according to statistics published by Unbounce.

But keep in mind your videos need to look great so before you get started have a look at this guide which will make sure that you have rotated your video and also check out some other sources online which provide tips and advice on how to capture great videos!

  1. Attention Grabber

Speaking of attention, an increasing number of commercial ventures are realizing the importance of creating high definition videos on their websites. Forbes highlights how videos tap into four characteristics of human psychology: movement, body language, faces and voices. It is stated that mankind’s attention span increases when paying attention to the variables outlined above. There must be something to it as before the invention of lie detector tests, societies evaluated incoming visitors on both verbal and non-verbal communication cues. A research studying the effects of lead conversions due to digital videos in the fashion industry demonstrated that there was a one hundred and thirty four percent increment in the conversion rate. An A/B test of a fitness brand witnessed a forty-six percent rise in the click-through rate to the purchase page when there was a video inserted on the sales web page.

  1. Solution Provider

The days of simply publishing a boring FAQ web page are slowly dying. Videos serve as an awesome unique way to provide basic information about your portfolio of products and services as well as to answer common questions that customers may have. These can include queries on its durability, its user friendliness, its warranty etc. You can make a creative, fun infomercial that can even answer questions about shipping and returns policies. Videos are becoming a modern marketing norm as a study by Invodo demonstrated that sixty percent of viewers watch brand videos when they are part of websites. It was found that prospects even spend up to three minutes on engaging with videos as part of their search process. Not only that, the Invodo study noted mobile video watchers return to the source and revisit the videos as if double checking on the facts.

  1. Increased Engagement

As stated earlier, we live in a virtual bubble that is congested with information and content. We move on from one piece to the other and devour as much content as possible on the way. Unfortunately, our attention spans have decreased with time and we only retain what we truly resonate with. This selective retention has made it more challenging for marketers and brand managers to find effective ways to communicate with their target market. Videos incorporate colours, sound, aesthetics and the human element. This gives it the ability to convey interesting messages within a short space of time. People will prefer to watch a two minute video rather than scroll through a long article of 1500 words. Of course, this will have a significant impact on your bounce rate as you will be able to keep viewers on your site and will have a longer amount of time to persuade them as to why your brand is what they need.

  1. Viral Videos

Word of mouth communication still remains the most powerful force at the hand of a marketer. It has adapted in the digital and social media realm. For instance, if someone recommends your brand on a Facebook group or shares a video from your website, that not only means your content has the potential to go viral, but is a form of a recommendation from that person. Creating shareable videos that can be easily distributed is the key to achieving new heights of business success.

  1. Gain Consumer Trust

Adding a face to your brand or to your company humanizes it and will help improve the connection between you and your customer. You will be able to establish a bond of trust with your prospect who will in turn remain loyal to your brand. Videos can also place you at the top of the industrial food chain and establish you as a leading expert. Consumers will return to your site to refer to your content and videos when searching for relevant data. Sharing customer testimonials in a video format is another great way to increase the level of existing customer trust.

The ratio of mobile net traffic to desktop rose this past year. It is expected that by 2019, video content will attract eighty percent of overall internet traffic. That is a huge number that cannot be ignored by company owners. Not only does it help promote top of the mind recall for your brand, Hubspot estimated that sixty-four percent of visitors will be likely to purchase your brand if they see a video on your website. It also stated that embedding videos in your website’s top landing pages will ameliorate your conversion rates by approximately eighty percent. Hence, the essence of video marketing cannot be emphasized enough as the future of content marketing.

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