10 great sites for those interested in Bitcoin

If you’ve sussed the basics of Bitcoin and are ready to dig a little deeper into the world’s favourite cryptocurrency then you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 great sites that make for an interesting read – whether you’re an still finding your feet or a seasoned pro…


Crypropotato is a great resource site for anyone starting out in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It’s got some fascinating articles that span right back to the beginnings of certain currencies, as well as guides that will be helpful whether you’re a beginner or a hardcore investor.

As well as a ton of great resources, it’s got a unique Initial Coin Offering (ICO) list – a run down of investment opportunities in soon to be launched currencies – along with some unique metrics that will help you work out what’s the right thing to consider channelling your money into… 

Bitcoin Wisdom

This might be one that’s more aimed at those with a deeper interest in Bitcoin and other cryptos – but in terms of comprehensiveness, you’ll struggle to find a better price monitoring site.

When you visit the site you can view the price of currencies over several exchanges – and if you’re a trader or into analysis of the market, you can check out pricing trends and much more. If your role, or level of interest demands it – you can plot lines over charts that will help with some intensive analysis.


Ledger are the go to hardware wallet provider, combining an excellent product with a price that’s justifiable even for someone just starting out in crypto.

Their site is a useful resource – owing to the huge range of tutorial videos they have on their site, walking you through every step of using their products. A word of warning though – you won’t always find their products available on their site as they produce them in limited numbers and ship them out – so be prepared to do some searching if you plan to buy ledger nano or ledger blue wallets.


No list of informative and useful cryptocurrency sites would be complete without the original home of the most well-known currency out there.

Here you’ll find a blow by blow account of how Bitcoins work – along with a detailed explanation of the ‘blockchain’ – the technology that underpins many cryptocurrencies. There’s some great information whether you’re an individual with an interest, a developer looking to integrate Bitcoin or blockchain tech – or businesses looking to become more involved.

Bitcoin Wiki

If you’re looking for the deepest Bitcoin resource out there – you won’t go far wrong with Bitcoin Wiki – an enormous resource that’s maintained by prominent and knowledgeable members of the Bitcoin community.

From the most basic overviews – to complex in-depth breakdowns of the most technical elements of Bitcoin – you’ll find it here amongst the 1,136 pages of content that have been around since the earliest days of Bitcoin.

We Use Coins

There’s no getting around the fact that some of the technical info surrounding cryptocurrencies is very difficult to access if you’re a keen newbie coming at Bitcoin or altcoins with little or no technical knowledge.

As such, We Use Coins aims to bring down some of the barriers to entry – stating that their site is dedicated to making Bitcoin more accessible for all. Whether you’re planning on getting involved with using a cryptocurrency – or ‘mining’ to support the community and your bank balance – you’ll find tons of information to get you started here.


If you’re planning on draining your local electricity grid of all it’s power by firing up your own Bitcoin mining rig then this is the site for you!

Mining Bitcoin is no mean feat – and you’re going to need to know if you’re profitable before you get the show on the road. To help you work this out, Bitcoinx considers the current mining difficulty level, how many Bitcoins there are to each block, hardware costs and much more – helping you work out how quickly you could move into profit.

It’s not just guide on the financial side of mining that the site provides either – there’s some great reviews of mining hardware and software for you to reference before you part with any of your hard earned cash.


Blockchain.info is a great resource that’s owned and operated in the UK – unlike many other Bitcoin and crypto resources.

If you’re interested in actually looking into the blockchain then this is the place for you – you can get information on the most recently mined blocks, up to the minute information on crypto economies and a massive array of statistics and resources for users and developers.

The site’s been around since Bitcoin’s early days too – so you can be sure that what you’re reading as stood the test of time and the sometimes harsh critiquing of the cryptocurrency userbase.


99bitcoins’ has a clear mission – to ‘translate bitcoin into plain English’ – and they do a great job of it. From written buying and mining guides – to a vast range of wallet and exchange reviews – the site’s got you pretty well covered.

It’s also one of the places that’s got a top 100 Bitcoin ‘rich list’ – which makes for fascinating reading – but probably one to avoid if you struggle with feelings of envy – especially since it lists the fattest Bitcoin wallet in the world as containing around 133,000 Bitcoins. That amount is worth somewhere in the region of £943 million as of December 2017…

Bitcoin Talk

Bitcoin Talk is the first Bitcoin dedicated forum – and it’s by far the largest.

It’s a great place to hang out if you’re keen to keep track of the latest Bitcoin and crypto news – and also provides something of a ‘street’ you can keep an ear to if you’d like to gauge the health of the currency prior to your next trade.

Be warned, it’s a community that’s not afraid to speak frankly – and there’s more than a fair share of trolling – but even if talking isn’t for you, there’s a host of information and expert opinion to read through…

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