10 Awesome Websites From Food & Drink Brands

All kinds of businesses have websites, but few can rival the creativity and diversity of food and drinks brands. A love of food and drink is one of the few things I can confidentially say everyone one Earth as in common because there’s such a rich variety isn’t there?

This is reflected on their websites! There are many amazing food and drink brand websites out there, some are pretty famous while some are more hidden, and they are all very different. Let’s take a look at my top ten favourites, shall we?

Nicholson Original London Dry Gin

With a long history dating back to the 1700’s, there is a lot of history behind the Nicholson family gin and it’s all proudly displayed on their website. What may appear to be a rather minimalistic and modern website is actually hiding a wealth of content.

A lot of thought has gone into the website’s design because it doesn’t want to overpower the viewer. The menus are kept to a minimum but are easy to locate and scroll through and the photos perfectly capture the elegance of the drink.

Smart and sophisticated the Nicholson Original London Dry Gin website is not what many people think an alcoholic drink’s website will likely be like, is it? But they beautifully played against expectations and created a charming, modern website with a wondrous design.

Cadbury Chocolate

If you live in the UK then there’s going to be one brand of chocolate that everyone will know, it might not be your favourite but at will at least have your respect. Cadbury’s chocolate is many things to many different people and its website does a great job and balancing all these different expectations.

Unsurprisingly purple is the dominant colour and while there is plenty of cute graphics for children and a playful text style Cadbury’s rich history is also proudly displayed. The scrolling timetable complete with pictures and small bite-sized bits of text perfectly breaks down the Cadbury’s history and it’s without a doubt my favourite feature on their website.


Colourful and creative the Ribena website is beautifully eye-catching and easy to navigate, it perfectly captures the fun and flavour or Ribena drinks and is perfect for children looking to find out more about their favourite drink and let’s be honest the adults who love it as well. Quirky and fun the Ribena website perfectly captures the character of the drink.

Heineken Beers

The stats show that Heineken beers is the most popular beer website on the internet right now and with over 20 million likes of Facebook its social media power is perfectly equalled by its web presence, so let’s take a look at the website.

The Heineken website is beautifully designed, the colour green is wonderfully used and it’s easy to navigate. Finding out about Heineken’s history, browsing drinks, shopping for beers and much more can all be done easily.


Famous for their great variety of breakfast cereals the Kelloggs website effortlessly jumps between child-friendly features and more adult based information. The Kelloggs website is pretty simple but the way it manages to display dozens of brands in one easy to navigate way is a testament to its innovative design.

Coca-Cola UK

The Coco-Cola UK website is an intriguing one because it really isn’t what you think it’s going to be. The website is very busy and looks more like a news website, the latest news section outlines the top ten blogs and the menus at the top make the site easy to navigate.

There’s also an expansive picture gallery and some very eye-catching banners at the top of the website. The website is very busy but that’s exactly why I like it because it plays against expectations with Coco-Cola you expect a more modern and glamorous website, but this is very different, and I really like it.


The Warburtons website is warm and colourful and another example of a website that perfectly captures the character of the brand. Warm oranges make the website very easy on the eye and while the layout isn’t anything truly out of the ordinary it does make navigating the website easy. Although the featured “recipe section” is a nice added touch that adds some extra character to the website.

Russian Standard Vodka

The Russian Standard Vodka beautifully uses photography and graphics to create an amazing eye-catching site. The text is kept to a minimum and instead, photographs and graphics do the talking for you, although if you want to find more information you can go to more in-depth articles with just the click of a button.

The website is effortlessly cool and perfectly captures the brand’s identity they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this website shows that’s true.

Mr Kipling

You know it’s a little odd that out all the sites I’ve looked at two that are very similar are the previously mentioned Russian Standard Vodka website and Mr. Kipling. The cake and sweet brand are selling a very different range of products, but the two sites follow very similar designs when it comes to their websites.

Mr. Kipling again uses a minimum of text and lets images and graphics do the talking and their range of cakes and sweets a beautifully captured. There is more to do and see on the Mr. Kipling website as you can explore blogs and take part in competitions as well.


Coffee is celebrated on the Nescafe website, it perfectly captures the modern and trendy style that the Nescafe brand caters to and I particularly love the “Coffee Culture” section. Which uses dozens of images instead of just listing links to various sections.

It’s bold and simple but certainly on trend and pleasing to the eye. Navigating the website is simple and easy and there is a surprising amount of content packed into it. Including blogs, promotions, social media links and much more. Fashionable and stylish the Nescafe website is sure to please coffee lovers. 

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